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Spare filling valve

Spare filling valve

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Spare filling valve for use with the Airshot tubeless tyre inflator.

Easy to Use

Simple & fast tool-free use from the garage, van or on the track.


Works with Presta valves or use the supplied adapter to fit inside the valve stem.

Top Quality

High quality components & valves engineered for long-lasting performance.


Forget C02 cylinders and flimsy knock-offs. The Airshot is built to last.

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: 39.5 × 11 × 8 cm
Weight: 435 grams


The Airshot is quick and simple to use, requires no tools or power and can be used wherever you have your Airshot, a pump and the bike wheel & tyre to be seated. For full instructions please see our detailed guide here.

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Free delivery on all orders.
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Reusable & simple tubeless inflation in 3 easy steps



Attach the hose either to your presta valve or directly in the valve stem using the supplied core adapter.



Attach your pump to the top of the Airshot and fill to approximately 120-130 psi.



Release the valve switch to instantly seat and inflate your tubeless tyre, leaving the pump connected to allow for any finer adjustments once complete.