Instructions & Troubleshooting for your Original Airshot Tubeless Inflator

Instructions for Use

3. Ensure tyre and rim are relatively clean and free from excess mud and grit.
4. Tyres will "pop" onto the bead with greater ease when wet: therefore.
it is advised that soapy water or some sealant is first applied.
5. Mount the tyre loosely onto the rim.
6. It should be noted that Airshot's "pump head" is provided with an"Adapter" that can be used with the tyre's valve core removed. the "Adapter" can be threaded into the internal threads of the valve stem. (see Fig. A).
7. The "Adapter" can be unthreaded from the "pump head" to leave a standard attachment that can be threaded onto your tyre's Presta valve. (see Fig. B)
8. Apply Airshot's "pump head" onto tyre valve: using the
"Adapter" supplied if needed. (see "Troubleshooting" for further details)
9. Remove the dust cap from the "presta valve" on the Airshot cap.
10. Attach your track pump to the and pump up Airshot to the required pressure; we recommend somewhere in the range of 120-160psi.
DO NOT use bicycle pumps that are inadequate for these pressures as this will result in pump failure.
We will not be held responsible for the damage of bicycle pumps that have been used whilst inflating the Airshot Bottle.
11. Once this pressure has been reached the air valve" can be opened, releasing the shot of air to mount the tyre onto the bead.
12. The pressure in your tyres can then be seen on your pump gauge. some further inflation may be needed to ensure a fully beaded tyre.
This can be achieved using the track pump. pumping through the Airshot bottle. (i.e. with the "air valve" in the open position) disconnection between pump and bottle is not necessary.
13. Once the tyre is fully beaded, remove Airshot's "pump head" from tyre valve. Rotate bike wheel to ensure any sealant used has fully coated the inside of the tyre.



Airshot does not guarantee to inflate / fully bead the tyre if the rim. valve or tyre itself is damaged.

However. the points below can be referred to if experiencing difficulty with the process:

1. if the valve core is dirty this must be cleaned and tree from grit and dirt - so as not to restrict the air how.

2. To aid inflating stubborn tyres the valve core can be removed to prevent any restriction of air flow;

Airshot is provided with an adapter that can be used when the valve core is removed (see Fig.A and Fig. B)

Once the tyre has been successfully mounted onto the bead, the valve core can be reinserted and normal pumping of the tyre undertaken.


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